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STEM Saturday - Harnessing the Power of Wind: Wind Energy!

Students will work with STEM Professionals and college students on
projects to learn about the principles of simple circuits, electricity and wind
energy. Students will build simple circuits powered by wind energy.
Students will be able to describe how a circuit works and follow directions
to create different kinds of circuits. Students will design, build, test and
evaluate their own wind mills.

In the past 5 years, STEM NOLA has engaged over...

K-12 Students
College Students
Community & Professional Volunteers


STEM Night

Enjoy an evening of hands-on Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering activities for students and families to engage together.

STEM Festival

Have a fun-filled day celebration of STEM in your community or school with over 40 different hands-on activities!

STEM Saturdays

Engage in citywide family and community-based events with monthly hands-on STEM programming.

STEM Workshops & Programming

Check out our workshops and after-school programs that can transform the STEM community at your school!

Professional Development and Training

Workshops designed to equip instructors in Math, Science, ELA, Literacy, and Technology content standards.

Content-Specific Workshops

Specially designed workshops that deconstruct the Math and Science content at the K-5 and 6-12 level.



My daughter has been attending STEMNOLA since it started. When she learned this STEM NOLA was going to be about "The Power of Chemistry" she couldn't wait to attend. She talked about it all week and she was not dissapointed. I watched her face light up with the chemical reaction that created the elephant toothpaste. We had to continue the activities once we got..in the kitchen with food coloring, baking soda, vinegar and what ever else we would allow her to mix together to see what reaction would be. This is what STEM NOLA is about...sparking that interest and seeing it leave STEM Saturday and continue at home. She wants to make the elephant toothpaste at home so we are working on that. Thank you, thank you Dr. Calvin Mackie!! Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!

Landon Beevers

I'm sure it is no coincidence that my daughter came home from the STEM Saturday and redesigned her squishy with thermochromatic paint and then proceeded to conduct a static electricity experiment with a balloon and pepper. Thank you for getting the wheels turning!.

Lance Grant