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STEM Fest/Night/Day

STEM Family Night

STEM Family Night is an evening (2 hrs) of hands-on science, technology, math, and engineering activities for students and families to complete together. The event includes a range of activities covering different STEM topics and connections to exciting STEM careers. You can select a theme such as space or environment. You may also want to connect with relevant standards, especially during testing season.


STEM Fest is a 3 hr free fun-filled 1/2 day celebration of science, technology, engineering & math (STEM) for up to 300 students! Students and parents from the local community or sponsoring school participate in over 40 different hands-on activities and perform experiments, design and build relevant products to reinforce the theme of the day’s events. Participants also explore science in new ways, experience technology in different applications, engage in engineering activities, and embrace the fun in Mathematics! (may be expanded to full day)