STEM NOLA offers hands-on activities, inquiry-based learning methodology, standards-based pre and post assessment tools and teacher resource and development packages. Students will have the opportunity to learn by asking questions, observing demonstrations, completing experiments, building kits and engaging in exciting group projects. Our programs have been correlated to match curriculum requirements for every grade level and are rich in elementary level science content. STEM NOLA offers in-school, after-school, community and family-based programming. The diversely themed inquiry-based hands-on programs can be used as a curriculum enhancement or as an introduction to STEM concepts. We offer a hassle-free and convenient way for students to experience culturally and environmentally relevant hands-on STEM! 


Community Engagement and Out of School Time


STEM Family Night

A STEM Family Night is an evening (2 hrs) of hands-on science, technology, math, and engineering activities for students and families to complete together. The event includes a range of activities covering different STEM topics and connections to exciting STEM careers. You can select a theme such as space or environment. You may also want to connect with relevant standards, especially during testing season.




STEM Fest is a 3 hr free fun-filled 1/2 day celebration of science, technology, engineering & math (STEM) for up to 300 students! Students and parents from the local community or sponsoring school participate in over 40 different hands-on activities and perform experiments, design and build relevant products to reinforce the theme of the day’s events. Participants also explore science in new ways, experience technology in different applications, engage in engineering activities, and embrace the fun in Mathematics!  (may be expanded to full day)

STEM Saturdays


STEM Saturday is a monthly, citywide family and community-based academic events in which students can participate in STEM hands-on activities. The goal of this program is to engage the entire community around STEM. By holding widely publicized events on a specific monthly weekend, all participants; parents, teachers, community volunteers and/or corporate volunteers will be given an opportunity to engage children in fun STEM and educational activities. STEM Saturdays provide youth with activities that create curiosity about life, education, and careers in STEM. Each STEM Saturdays is focused on a topic, such as: Renewable Energy, Simple Machines, Rocketry, Life Science and so much more!


Topic are aligned to economic drivers in the community and school standards.


STEM In-School Workshops & After-School Events and Programming


Booking In-School Workshops with other teachers in your school is the most cost effective way to bring these enriching workshops to your classroom. Packages can be split among different grade levels and classrooms (maximum 25 students per workshop) within your school, but all workshops must occur on the same day.

 As a teacher, you can appreciate the challenge that comes with finding exciting new ways to teach science, technology, engineering and math concepts to your students. Our In-School Workshops and After-School programs bring the excitement of STEM into your classroom in a way that complements and expands upon the curriculum. STEM NOLA aims to inspire kids to think about STEM in new and creative ways. Our philosophy is simple: children learn best through active engagement. Our In-School Drop-In Workshops work that way — we weave STEM concepts into discovery based activities, making learning both fun and memorable. All workshops have been carefully developed. STEM NOLA offers the following:


  • Weekly, Bi-weekly, or monthly classes (Depending on the School Administrator)
  • Demonstration Workshops
  • STEM Engagement
  • 3D Printing Course (Negotiated with School)
  • Coding Course (Negotiated with School)
  • Technology Courses (Negotiated with School)
  • Animation and 3-D Modeling Courses



Professional Development and Training

STEM learning experiences require an evolution of thinking for all stakeholders. STEM NOLA employs strategies of the Engineering Design Process (EDP) and Project-Based Learning (PBL) to help teachers and students engage in real-world experiences threaded through an academic lens.


  • Provide professional development on effective teaching strategies, evaluation techniques, and STEM content for faculty, staff, administrators and community stakeholders for K-12 schools.
  • Train teachers and staff on sustaining the model of STEM learning experiences
  • Increase academic achievement for students in STEM coursework
  • Increase community engagement between K-12 STEM schools and community stakeholders
  • Integrate state mandated curriculum needs with STEM curriculum
  • Monitor classroom instruction and evaluations throughout the school year



Teacher Professional Development

STEM teacher workshops are designed to provide a context for instruction for math, science, ELA, literacy and technology content standards. These workshops follow the engineering design process, so participants can expect to start each workshop with a problem and work collaboratively to design or engineer the best solution. This one-day workshop will equip teachers to model this teaching in their own classrooms.


Content-Specific Workshops

Specially designed workshops that deconstruct the math and science content at the K-5 level or 6-12 level to ensure teacher understanding. Also, alignment to CCSS, NGSS, and Louisiana content standards will be considered. Teachers will experience individual STEM lessons which will be developed to align with state and district standards for lessons.


Teacher Strategies Workshops

Teacher focused workshops that provide a context for instruction for math, science, ELA, literacy and technology content standards. These project-based workshops follow the Engineering Design Process (EDP), wherein participants can expect to start each workshop with a problem and work collaboratively to design or engineer the best solution. Project-Based Learning (PBL) is learning by doing. It centers on helping students understand the environment around them. PBL instruction does not happen immediately for teachers and students. It is a huge paradigm shift from traditional teaching methods.


Learning assessment strategies in a STEM learning environment will help teachers to blend both formal and informal assessment techniques to capture student knowledge. Learning to manage a STEM classroom equips teachers in setting up the daily operations for the school year to keep students both safe and engaged. Having this assistance from the beginning, helps provide a smoother transition for both students and teachers. These workshops will prepare teachers to model this teaching in their own classrooms.


Administrator Professional Development

Administrator workshops support individuals or their leadership team to help sustain STEM learning within the building. Whether STEM learning is built from the top-down or ground up in a school, administrative support is key to the success of teachers and students.


Creating A STEM Culture

This workshop is designed to help build a maintain STEM awareness and instruction within your school. Whether you are seeking a STEM recognition for your school or wish to integrate mathematics and science standards, this one-day experience will guide your leadership team to creating a sustainable plan.


Recognizing STEM in the Classroom

This workshop will help administrators identify model STEM teaching within their building. Administrators will participate in mock evaluations and receive help in designing a convenient walkthrough tool.


STEM Service Providers Professional Development

 STEM NOLA specializes in engaging underserved communities in STEM related activities and events. STEM NOLA holds workshops for STEM service providers to learn how to engage students in underserved communities and low-resourced homes in STEM. Workshops will provide specific steps and activities to engage, inspire and expose parents and students in underserved communities. Following such techniques, STEM NOLA has engaged over 11,000 kids in some of the most challenging communities in and around the New Orleans area.


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