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STEM Holiday Camps

Join us as we engage in hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

STEM NOLA Technology Holiday Camp

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The First Session for the Technology Camp (Dec 26-30) has been cancelled. Registration for the New Year's Session (Jan 2-6)  is still available.




Students will learn about Bluetooth connections and autonomous driving by creating a car that can be controlled from a smartphone. The students will connect a Raspberry Pi to the car which will receive instructions from a smartphone app in order to steer the car.

Students will learn about the hardware and software that goes into making experiences like video games work. By creating a self contained game console/controller the students will gain experience wiring, building, and programming electronics in order to create a gaming console that they can take home.

*5th-8th graders will be building an arcade controller that plugs into a TV

*9th-12th graders will be building a self-contained arcade cabinet.