Brief Program Description

STEM NOLA (SN) is an organization founded by New Orleans native, and former tenured Tulane University Engineering professor, Dr. Calvin Mackie. The purpose of its existence is to expose, inspire and engage members in the surrounding communities about the opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). STEM NOLA will design and deliver activities, programs & events that bring inspiration, motivation and training to all STEM stakeholders, specifically focusing on underserved communities, across the city. Participants will receive the opportunity to obtain 21st Century skills of Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking. STEM NOLA realizes that any effective community-based STEM program must be broad enough to include everyone, yet focused enough to reach the people where they are, on their level, and, taking them to where they need to be to compete, and succeed in life.

Program's Mission

The mission of STEM NOLA is to grow future Innovators, Creators, and Entrepreneurs through inspiration, engagement, and exposure. Members of the community will learn about opportunities in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).


The Core Goals of STEM NOLA are:

  • To help youth develop an interest in STEM and STEM-Based learning activities
  • To develop the capacities of youth to engage in STEM-Based activities for learning and recreation
  • To inspire youth to value the opportunities and possibilities of STEM-Based careers
  • To help youth develop the necessary, and transferable 21st Century skills of Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking.


The greatest strength of the STEM NOLA program is that it is developed to be culturally, and environmentally-relevant by using project-based activities, and hands-on designed learning to Expose, Inspire, and Engage students in grades K-12. By using college students, who are specializing in STEM-Based studies, as well as corporate volunteers as instructors and mentors, K-12 students are accorded the opportunity to see themselves as STEM-Based career participants.


Space is Limited, & Participation Will Be Based Upon A First Come/First Serve Basis. The Maximum Student Participation is 100 (One Hundred) Students:

8:30 - 9:00 AM Arrival of Students & Parents
9:00 - 9:15 AM Student/Parent Orientation: Introductions/Expectations
9:15 AM Facilitated Lesson begins (Understanding of Concepts, Lecture, Power Point & Readings
9:45 AM Break: Light Refreshments - 15 minutes
10:00 - 11:15 PM Hands-On Learning: Application of Concepts
11:15 - 12:00 PM Project Presentations, Concept Review, & Handouts
12:00 Dismissal/Parent Pick-up

Target sites for program

  • Behrman Center (2529 General Meyer Avenue)
  • Joe W. Brown Center (5601 Read Boulevard)
  • Lyons Center (624 Louisiana Avenue)
  • Treme Center (900 N. Villere Street)


The STEM NOLA program "Saturdays With Dr. Calvin Mackie" is operated by a hybrid fee program that includes all levels of socio-economic participation. This is dictated by a sliding scale of fees. There are requirements that must be met for students to participate in the STEM Saturdays program via the Free and Reduced Lunch status: 1. Student(s) must be residents of Orleans Parish; and, 2. Student(s) must show proof of residency in Orleans Parish. Students who live outside of Orleans Parish, but wish to participate in STEM Saturdays, are required to pay the full fee of $60.00. Students who receive free lunch, at their respective schools can access programming for free. Students who receive reduced lunch, at their respective schools, will receive a 50% discount. Students who do not participate in the aforementioned lunch programs will pay a "per program fee" of $60 per session. A package fee is available, based upon the number of students participating from one family, or the amount of sessions being purchased at one time for a student. Proof of a student's lunch status can be obtained from their respective school's cafeteria manager, or the school's front office. Credit Cards, and Certified Funds (Cashier's Check and/or Money Orders) are the only forms of acceptable payments, either online, or at the actual site.

"The Scale of the Solution Must Equal the Scale of the Problem"